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Buying property in Ljubljana (the capital) has become popular, as Slovenia was recently named one of the top ten property investment destinations in the world, with a growth forecast of over 280% in the next 10 years.

Ljubljana as the capital of Slovenia is an obvious place for overseas property investors to buy, with its shortage of high quality property and booming demand. There are good opportunities for both capital growth, as well as solid rental incomes.

Let’s look at the advantages of buying property in Ljubljana in more detail.

Slovenia is one of the newest countries to join the European Economic Union (in 2004) and has the strongest economic growth of any of the new member states.

This new found optimism and economic growth is centered on Ljubljana which produces about 25% of Slovenia’s total Gross Domestic Product.


Ljubljana Real estate

Property prices in Ljubljana are rising steeply and the gains look set to continue.

The limited supply of housing and the strict restrictions on land planning are the main factors behind this growth. Quite simply demand exceeds supply and this trend looks set to continue for the near future.


The City

Ljubljana has been likened to a smaller, less developed and more intimate version of Prague in its appearance. The city has a lively, cosmopolitan atmosphere and has a high number of residents under 30. The city features soaring church spires, pretty medieval buildings and stunning baroque architecture.

In the first half of the 20th century, modern Ljubljana’s appearance was shaped by one man - Jože Plečnik. Jože Plečnik was a great architect and was a native of  Ljubljana. The cityscape was complemented by his followers as well as by creations of the "New Wave" of young architects which have helped give Ljubljana its distinct look and feel that delights anyone who visits the city today.

The population of Ljubljana is around 270,000, making the city small and compact with good transport links making easy to get around.

June to September is the peak season for tourists, when al fresco is the order of the day and temperatures vary between warm and pleasant to hot and humid. Autumn is a great time to visit the city: It’s still warm and the falling leaves; give the city a friendly, welcoming feel.

Winter is usually cold and the snow brings tourists. With the ski slopes just a short drive away many tourists stop off and visit Ljubljana as part of their visit to Slovenia and also use it to explore the other delights Slovenia. The Karst region, the Adriatic coast, the mountains, the wine-growing areas and many historic towns are all within a two-hour drive. In addition Ljubljana makes an ideal base to explore surrounding countries such as – Austria, Italy and Croatia.

With budget airlines’ now flying regularly into Ljubljana’s Jože Pučnik Airport, access is easier than ever before and tourist and overseas property buyers are coming in ever increasing numbers.


Affordable Investment real estate in Ljubljana

There are great investment opportunities in the city center as well as the outlying suburbs and prices are still affordable.

The Slovenia property market is still very much in its infancy and looks set to be a stable market in the future. With realistic growth rates of over 30%, low downside risk and the opportunity to take advantage of the strong "buy to let" market, Ljubljana is seen as a “safe” place to buy for longer term capital growth and solid rental incomes.

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