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December around Slovenia with children

What to do with children in Slovenia? In this article, you will find multiple ideas for events to attend in December with your family. December is the most festive of all the months in Slovenia and your children will surely enjoy the following festivities. Looking for more ideas? Check out our article on other events around Slovenia in December.

The Land of Ice


When: 29. 11. 2019 - 06. 01. 2020

Where: Ljubljana

What: In December you will have a chance to visit “The land of Ice” in Ljubljana whose theme this year is based on the history of Ljubljana. Over a 200 m long room with a constant temperature of -4 degrees Celsius there will be a 5m long ice slide, an ice bar with hot cocoa and mulled wine or tea. Learn more about the exhibition here.

Sunday Kids Program Sunday Winter 2019

p1dr0d2e041n0g44a130hggt16p15.jpgWhen: every Sunday in December 2019

Where: Vodnikova domačija, Ljubljana

What: On each Sunday during the month of December there will be an event for children taking place in Vodnikova domačija. Find the full programme here.

St. Nicolas celebrations around Slovenia

According to Slovenian tradition, angels bring gifts to good children, while devils scare the naughty ones. There are multiple options on where you can go and meet St. Nicholas with your children. 

St. Nicholas procession in Ljubljana 

p1dr0dhmuq11t92kqeqdst7pkh5.jpgWhen: 05. 12. 2019

Where: Ljubljana

What: This procession will take place in the old town of Ljubljana with a final point on Prešeren square. St. Nicholas will be accompanied by devils and an assembly of angels, who will be distributing biscuits, fruits and sweets to children. Learn more.

St. Nicholas procession in Celje

p1dr0e7un214u719tiqs51gs4mco6.jpgWhen: 05. 12. 2019, 17:00 - 19:00

Where: Celje, Štajerska region

What: City streets of Celje will be full of fairy tale characters street appearances, liners and singers. There will be light elements installed in various locations of the city as "photo corners", allowing visitors to perpetuate a holiday visit to Celje with their own photo. The event is free of admission. Learn more.

Meet Saint Nicholas in Lipica

p1dr0dpuq0emh1cds1r106ekomj5.jpgWhen: 08. 12. 2019, 10:00 - 17:00

Where: Stud farm Lipica

What: This procession takes place in the stud farm in Lipica where the visitors will get to meet St. Nicolas and the white Lipizzan horses. Check out the full programme here.


Winter Fairytale Forest 2019

p1dr0efq64jma90r1vi51oftdck5.jpgWhen: 05. 12. 2019 - 31. 12. 2019

Where: Kočevje, Dolenjska region

What: The festive forest will be opened on December 5th with the visit of St. Nicolas and by turning on the Christmas lights. During the month of December, there will be various cultural events taking place. Learn more here.

Grandfather Frost

When: 07. 12. 2019

Where: Maribor

What: A song about Grandfather Frost will wake up the fairy-tale creatures from Pohorje, the lights will be turned off and a tiny light will flash on the dark slope; it will make its way down the slope coming closer and closer… You can find the full programme here.

Grandfather Frost visiting in Maribor

Christmas fair, children's program, cuisine and concerts on Main Square

p1dr0f0c65o3m1tvj1iv4ql4k0a5.jpgWhen: 16. 12. - 30. 12. 2019

Where: Novo Mesto, Dolenjska region

What: The festive Christmas Fair and a selection of free concerts will be taking place in the renovated Main Square of Novo Mesto during the month of December. Many of which are especially exciting for children. Find the full programme and other events taking place in the Dolenjska area here.

Meeting Santa and the animals

p1dr0f5ii21urp1nk0hb21fpjp8b5.jpgWhen: 14. 12. and 21. 12. 2019

Where: ZOO Ljubljana

What: Does your child enjoy visiting the ZOO and can’t wait to meet Santa Claus? This 90 min program includes petting the animals at the ZOO as well as meeting with Santa Claus who is going to bring presents to the children. You have to reserve your spot in advance. Find out more here.

Live nativity scene in the Ice Kingdom 2019

p1dr0fagt71d07ttj1nnn1t9t18045.jpgWhen: 25. 12. 2019 - 31. 12. 2019

Where: Mojstrana, Kranjska Gora area

What: An Icy spectacle that also includes a 40-minute theatrical performance made up of 19 actors in a scenery surrounded by magnificent 25-meter tall icy waterfalls that are in general used as an environment for ice climbing. Learn more about the event here.

Free entrance to the Lipica stud farm

p1dr0fem761ihb7jmgkrk9l8mm5.jpgWhen: 26. 12. 2019

Where: Lipica

What: On the Saint Stephen’s day Stud farm Lipica offers free entrance to the visitors. At the time you can also view “A Tale of Lipica” (at an extra fee). It will also be possible to watch the show on the 29th of December. Find the full festive programme on a Stud farm Lipica here.



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