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Slovenian events in September

10.09.2014 | Slovenia Estates

Visiting Slovenia in the upcoming month? Plan your trip ahead! We have selected a few of the most interesting things to do in Slovenia in September.

Tartini festival
Where: Piran
When: August 23 to September 10
What: A musical event taking place since 2002, the Tartini festival is dedicated to one of the most famous composers and violinists in history - Giuseppe Tartini. Tartini was born in the late 17th century in Piran, where the festival takes place. It is set to start on August 23 with an opening concert, with musical performances scheduled almost every day until September 10.

Maribor festival
Where: Maribor
When: September 5 to September 11
What: Another musical festival with almost half a century of story, the Maribor festival promises unique line-ups comprised of master musicians working together to create an amazing and refreshing experience for the festival-goers.

Open Kitchen
Where: Ljubljana
When: every Friday from March to October
What: The first event of its kind in Slovenia, the Open Kitchen is a food market that enables the owners of Cafes, restaurants, country tourism destinations and independent cooks to present their special dishes and promote their business, and allows guests to experience the less well-known cuisine of Slovenia.

Bled Triathlon
Where: Bled
When: September 6
What: Exactly what it says on the lid - a triathlon taking place in Bled. The triathlon is comprised of many different events, from the "Media Triathlon" for well-known competitors, to the "Cici Triathlon" for kids.

Day of the Lipica Stud Farm
Where: Lipica
When: September 14
What: Held at the peak of Lipica's lively tourist season, the Day of the Lipica Stud Farm is an opportunity to experience almost 500 years worth of history of the world-famous lippizzaner horses.  The event is preceeded by the Slovenian Driving Championship from September 12 to September 14.

Old Vine Festival
Where: Maribor
When: September 19 to September 28
What: The biggest and most important Slovenian wine event, the Old Vine Festival takes its name from the oldest registered specimen of a noble grape wine. Over 400 years old, the record-holding vine still bears grapes from which wine can be made. The festival offers the best wines of the world, along with delicious food in an amazing geographic region, making it almost impossible for any wine-lover not to visit.

Cow Ball
Where: Bohinj
When: September 21
What: Celebrating the return of cows to the valley of Bohinj after a summer of herding in the hills, the Cow Ball is a unique festival whose main event is a parade of decorated and wreath-adorned cows. Perfect for animal lovers and those interested in the traditional countrylife in Slovenia, the festival offers various minor activities, from dancing, to log sawing.

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