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Slovenia is the Best Place to Bring Up Kids

02.06.2017 | Fiona Thompson

Slovenia, jointly with Norway, has the tables when it comes to the best country for children to live in. The international children's charity Save the Children assessed the health and wellbeing of children in 172 countries to reach its conclusions.Factors that Save the Children looked at included access to education, healthy diet and child mortality. 

The report backs up what a lot of people say when they describe the reasons that Slovenia is such a great place to live. An emphasis on outdoor activities, an appreciation of nature and excellent schools are often mentioned when it comes to bringing up a family in Slovenia.

Schools encourage children in a variety of extracurricular activities too with many children learning instruments various crafts or taking part in team sports. And as we mentioned in a previous blog post, Slovenia also has some brilliant attractions for a day out with the family. 

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