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My Little Pony

01.06.2018 | Fiona Thompson

Brands may come and go but one Slovenian brand has stood the test of time and while the Pony is not the only bicycle produced by Rog, it is perhaps the one of which Slovenians are most fond. With its small frame and cute little wheels, the Pony was designed as a city bike and you will still see some vintage models around Slovenia's towns and cities today. 


It was first produced in 1965 in response to the idea to make a folding bicycle and it was so popular that it was exported all over the world. THis convenience, along with the nostalgic appeal of the Pony that convinced the new owners of Rog in 2016 to bring back the pony, which it relaunched in 2017. The new version is rather more comfortable than its predecessor, coming with a Brooks saddle and a lighter aluminium frame. It also comes with a rather stylish bag in which you can carry the folded bike over your shoulder. 

The original Pony is still much sought after and theft is not uncommon. Some bikes have been resprayed, not because the paintwork was faded or scratched, but often to disguise a stolen bike. 

Every year a group of Pony enthusiasts take to their vintage bikes and climb the spectacularly steep Vršič Pass which challenges cyclists riding even the most up-to-date mountain bikes. The route is 13.5 kilometres and has an average incline of 10.8%. Now in its 4th year and sponsored by Red Bull, the Goni Pony is fast becoming one of the most popular events in the Slovenian sporting calendar. 

While the new version of the Pony is something of a stasus symbol, there are those for whom only the original is good enough. Next time you're in town, look out for the Ponies and if you know anyone with a Pony rusting in the garage - rescue it!


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