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Gostilna Na gradu, is a gem of a restaurant nestled in the majesty of the city’s famous castle walls. In keeping with its iconic status as the capital city’s centrepiece, the restaurant is making a concerted effort to showcase Slovenia’s finest culinary products. As such, I knew I would be in for a long luxurious afternoon exploring a variety of culinary fare from across Slovenia’s 24 regions.


In keeping with the castle’s contemporary renovation, the restaurant has a minimalist interior that lets these natural materials stand out. The powerful combination of quality and simplicity should come as no surprise, with two of Slovenia’s finest restaurateurs collaborating on this project. Svetozar Raspopović, better known as Pope, from the famous AS restaurant and the amazing culinary team, Ana Roš and Valter Kramar of Hiša Franko. Gostilna Na gradu has the classic hallmarks associated with these gastronomes.

We were first served the house white from the region of Vipavska Dolina, a very refreshing, drinkable wine, which, for the price, is great value for money. Leon, the Maitre D’, was infectious in his enthusiasm when talking us through the menu and discussing Slovenian specialty foods and the individual producers.

Our first dish was pork-belly salami served with a house speciality – bread baked with a pork confit. Breaking into the soft, warm crust, I was rewarded with pieces of succulent port crackling nestled in the folds of the bread. Packed with flavour, it was the perfect accompaniment to the salami.
Leon then poured us a glass of dry Tokaj Bohem, Kramar. This is a bold white wine, perhaps the only version of Hungarian Chardonnay available in Slovenia, It’s quite oaky compared to the Slovenian standard. Earthy, cloudy and full-bodied with apricot flavours and a slight nutty finish. To accompany it, we were served a simple dish of young potatoes and traditional hand-churned cottage cheese. Unlike a standard European cottage cheese, the Slovenian version is more delicate in texture and flavour. It was finished with a drizzling of local olive oil and fresh cracked pepper. Simple, yet unique flavours, testament to the region, and the hands, that nurtured these delicious ingredients.

Next we were treated to morsels of pork confit and dried apple alongside a young mountain cheese drizzled with honey, olive oil and topped with mixed herbs. The pork was addictive and I ate far more then my share. With our wine glasses now empty, we were given the chance to taste a new wine on the menu, Sipon. The wine’s versatile, fruity aroma and well-balanced acidity blended well. It was light with a suggestion of pears and apples that came to the fore in the lingering aftertaste.

Our next course was braised beef tongue topped with summer asparagus, a smoked, curdled, Alpine cheese that was drizzled with a sharp lemon aioli. Served as a sliced terrine, the tongue was tender with hints of a delicate poaching bouquet. The summer asparagus added a nice crisp finish and the sweet yet sharp lemon aioli rounded off the whole dish perfectly.

The fish course arrived just in time for my last few sips of the Šipon – Adriatic Sea Bass served on a confit of tomato and fresh basil topped with red onion marmalade. A light, fresh summer dish. The bass was perfectly cooked.

The next course was a classic “Idrijski” dish (Idrijski žlikrofi). Hand-made pasta stuffed with herb pureed potatoes and topped with a summer lamb ragout. The lamb was especially tender and the sauce a consommé, light in flavour and sublimely aromatic. I thought that the pasta and potato combination was going to be heavy but cleverly, it was a summery interpretation of a winter dish.

Dessert of three local treats – a traditional walnut dessert from Kobarid, strudel with cherry compote and lastly an apple ice cream with elderflower meringue, topped with a strawberry salad and roasted hazel nuts. I am not sure to this day how I managed it all…but I did. For the first dessert, the walnuts are toasted in a lot of butter and brown sugar and then puréed. This is then rolled together in buckwheat pastry dough, baked in the oven and finished off with icing sugar. It was gorgeous, even though you are fully aware that the delicious flavour in your mouth is pure butter. In my book you can never go wrong with cherries in summertime. This strudel was exactly what it should have been, a vehicle for amazing cherries, with absolutely no need to add a grain of sugar! Simple and perfect. I might be saving the best for last – it’s hard to say – but the apple ice cream was a wonderful pallet cleanser after all the food that had preceded it. The light aromatic flavour of the elderflower meringue made for a divine combination. I will not lie to you. My colleague and I bashed spoons once or twice over the dish!

Just when we thought it was safe to put down our cutlery, Leon brought us a three cheese tasting plate. It was an interesting selection of Slovenian cheese from the Tolmin and Bovec region. Slovenian cheese is not like French cheese. They are not strong or pungent and if you like big cheese, maybe they’re not your cup of tea. They are soft, subtle and mild by nature so you’re able to pick up certain flavours that would get lost in a bigger cheese. I suspect they make cheeses to suit their wines, which often have a cleaner pallet compared to big, oaky French wines.

I feel a deep appreciation for this restaurant and what it stands for – a celebration of Slovenia and all its hidden treasures. It’s a wonderful place to take people who are here visiting, as a magnificent crash course in what Slovenian has to offer. I will definitely be heading up to the castle next week when I have friends coming in to town from San Francisco. Taking the gondola on your way up also offers visitors a great view of this exquisite city. I think the kings and queens of the past would be very happy with gostilna Na gradu and would raise their goblets in a toast.

Gostilna Na gradu
Grajska planota 1, Ljubljana
Tel: + 386 (0)8 205 19 30

Open: Mon to Sat: 9am – midnight (kitchen: noon – 9pm), Sun: 9am – 6pm (kitchen: noon – 4pm)
Food type: Slovenian

Price range
EUR 3,50 – EUR 15
menu: EUR 30€ per person

Reservations by phone or mail: leon@nagradu.si

Tasting menu
• scrambled home eggs with bacon, chanterelle mushrooms and sheep cheese
• warm beef tongue with a bunch of green beans, homemade mayonnaise and fresh cottage cheese
• filets of Slovenian sea bass with red onion fondant, fresh basil and tomatoes confit
• daily baked lamb from Bela krajina region with “poštoklja” and slices of oven baked apple
• homemade apple ice cream with elder tree flower meringue, strawberry salad and roasted hazelnuts

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News headlines

  • Adria to launch Ljubljana to Kiev route

    The Slovenian national carrier Adria Airways is to launch regular flights to the Ukrainian capital from Ljubljana Brnik airport, The route will launch in October and there will be three flights a week on Thursday, Friday and Sunday, with the return flights being on Monday, Friday and Saturday.

    As well as providing a useful link with Ukraine, the route is also expected to be an important springboard to other European destinations from Kiev. 

  • Luton Town to Come to Slovenia for Training Camp

    The English football league club Luton Town, known as the Hatters, are coming to Slovenia in July for a week-long training camp. They players and coaching staff will be based just outside Maribor, at the same place where Scottish side Celtic was based for preseason training.

    Slovenia, and especially Maribor, has been keen to promote itself as a great location for such training events with excellent facilities and accommodation and additional attractions such as sports physio services and wellness centres, in particular, those available at the country’s numerous spa centres

  • Slovenian Music Superstar to Play in the USA

    Vlado Kreslin, one of the best known and most popular Slovenian musicians will play a convert in Cleveland, Ohio on 3rd December. Kreslin, who is often referred to as the ‘Slovenian Bob Dylan’ first came to prominence in the Yugoslavian days, as a member of the 1970s rock band Martin Krpan but his solo incarnation veers more towards the genres of folk-rock. 

    While Kreslin is in the States on a short concert tour, the Cleveland date is particularly special because around 40 percent of Slovene Americans live in the state, the greatest concentration od them in the US, and of them the majority live in the Greater Cleveland area.

  • Ljubljana to Amsterdam flights from April 2017

    Dutch budget carrier Transavia is to launch three weekly flights connected Ljubljana with Amsterdam from April 2017. Tickets are already on sale and start at €29 one way. The flights will take place on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays.

    As well as being an attractive destination in its own right, Amsterdam is a useful hub for flights to destinations all over the world, and especially for those looking for easy access to regional UK airports. 


  • Lendava to bid for European Capital of Culture title

    Lendava in the far east of Slovenia is making an ambitious bid to win the title European Capital of Culture for 2025. 

    Slovenia’s Minister for Culture has endorsed the bid, saying that it represents an important chance to decentralise culture and spread it to small towns, not just to concentrate it in the bigger cities.

    Campaigning proper will begin in earnest in 2019 but a conference has just taken place in the town to get the ball rolling. Organisers say that Lendava will make the bid along with partner towns, citing Croatia’s Čakovec, Austria’s Bad Radkersburg and Hungary’s Szentgotthard as possibilities. 


  • Celtic Football Club Coming to Slovenia

    Despite the Euros being in full swing, it’s that time of year when football supporters start thinking about the new season. How many new signings will their side make and how will those players fit into the existing team? Will they have a good run in the cup, or will they be fighting for survival once again?

    Following an age-old tradition of pre-season tours, this year Glasgow Celtic, one of Scotland’s biggest clubs has chosen Slovenia for its short trip abroad. The brief tour will kick off in Celje on 30 June before heading over the border to play Austria’s Sturm Graz on 3 July. The Bhoys, as they are known, will return to Slovenia to play Olimpija at Ljubljana’s Stožice Stadium on 6 July and the final match will take place at the Ljudski vrt in Maribor on 9 July.

    Celtic have met NK Maribor already: in 2014 they faced each other in a play-off for entry to the Uefa Champions League, and after the two legs Maribor came out the victors, winning on aggregate 1-2.

    This time, Celtic will be led by their new manager Brendan Rodgers who previously managed Liverpool FC.

  • Slovenia Estates Comes To Kobarid

    We’ve opened a new Slovenia Estates office in Kobarid, in the Soča Valley. This beautiful area has long been popular with Slovenian families as well as holiday makers and second home owners, and we are delighted to be able to based in Kobarid so we can better meet the needs of sellers and buyers in the far west of Slovenia.

  • Plečnik chair sells for 40,000 Euro

     A chair designed by Slovenia’s most celebrated architect Jože Plečnik has been sold at auction for over €40,000 and returned to its original home at the same time.

    Plečnik is usually associated with Ljubljana, having overseen the redesign of the large parts of the city in the first half of the twentieth century and his distinctive style is easy to spot. However, he was also responsible for a major reworking of Prague Castle in the Czech capital between 1921 and 1934 and this chair was part of that project, having been designed to sit in the study of the President at the time, Tomas Garrigue Masaryk.

    Plečnik actually had three of these chairs made but only one managed to stay in Prague Castle throughout the Communist period. In fact, for a long time curators there thought that chair was one of a kind until a second chair was returned to Prague Castle in a bad condition in 2006, and they were delighted when this third chair turned up at auction. 

  • Ljubljana to Warsaw Six Flights Weekly

    From 1 March flights will commence between Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport to Warsaw. There will be six flights weekly and they will be operated by Polish carrier LOT. Flight time is less than two hours and Warsaw gives Slovenian passengers a useful connection for onward travel to a variety of destinations including northern Europe and Scandinavia and even the United States.

  • New Bled Office

    We have opened a new office in the centre of Bled. This will serve as our base in the Bled/Bohinj/Kranjska Gora areas. The office is situated in the main shopping centre on the first floor next to Gallus Pizzeria. Lots of lovely properties from the area are displayed in the window!

  • We have opened an office in The Old Town

    We are pleased to annouce we have opened a new office in the heart of Ljubljana’s Old Town on Gornji Trg 1. We have shop front space so lots of lovely properties in the window. Please come and visit us whenever you can!

  • Slovenia real estate increases in popularity

    This year we have seen a marked increase in foreigners interested to buy Slovenian rela estate. Buyers from both the West of Europe, Russia and the US are taking advantage of low real estate price due to the Crisis in Europe before any rises are seen. Most popular areas are Ljubljana, Bled & Portoroz and with more and more sellers becoming very flexible on asking prices its fast becoming an attractive overseas destination for foreigners looking for both their own property as well as a secure long term investment

  • Slovenia Property Blog page

    We have now set up a new Blog page with news articles on Slovenian real estae, topical issues, news and featured & bargain properties. We will be updating the page each week with stories, so please check the page out for up to date information on Real estate in Slovenia. Click HERE to go to the page


  • Ljubljana Apartments moving faster

    This year we have noticed a marked increase in the both the number of enquiries about Ljubljana real estate as well as overall transactions, we ourselves have sold more this year than last and while generally it is still the foreign buyer who is buying enquiries from locals have also increased slowly. The feeling locally is prices in the city may have reached their low point and with faint signs of a recovery in Europe generally that feeling may well be borne out.

  • Slovenia real estate bargains

    There is more and more excellent value real estate in Slovenia now, with local owners unable to finance renovations or improvements themselves, there is a good supply of property in need of renovation at some very attractive prices. With Slovenia Estates project managing renovations, a project need not be a headache but a very worthwhile investment. Contact us for the best bargain real estate in Slovenia on the market.

  • We have moved

    We have moved to lovely new offices in Prule, the Old part of Ljubljana. With increased space, interiors designed by JVBdesignworks, and a fantastic shop front location we are looking forward to welcoming new & old faces to Žabjak 2, Ljubljana 1000.

  • Slovenia Self Catering

    Slovenia self catering accommodation is extremely popular and gaining more popularity as competition increases amongst available self catering houses and apartments and quality rises. We have some delightful self catering properties in Slovenia for vacation rental. They can be found here . We also know of many more available so contact us if you wish to rent a house or apartment in Slovenia for an unforgettable holiday.

  • Ljubljana Apartment Sales

    Further to the recent News we posted on “Ljubljana Sells Best” we wanted to provide more information on Ljubljana real estate. The sales are nearly always apartments and always in the centre of town. The demand from foreign buyers for houses in Ljubljana is low as they want to be located very centrally and this means apartments. Ljubljana villas in for example the Rozna Dolina area are also priced at a level that is too high for most Slovenia real estate investors.

  • Ljubljana Sells best

    This year we have sold more real esate in Ljubljana than any other year. It seems investors from various parts of the globe see Ljubljana as perfect place to buy. Small, neat and improving year on year, with a fabulous centre and old town and with prices at a very competitive level. The most popular areas being the historic old town and the centre, and despite no cars being allowed in the old town, buyers seem to accept this with the positives that come with that. See our Ljubljana real estate section for more details.

  • Portoroz real estate on the up

    We are experiencing a marked increase in enquiries and sales of real estate in Portoroz. The buyers are mainly from Russia and Ukraine, wanting Villas with sea views. Prices of Portoroz real estate remain high but have come down considerably over the past few years. Real estate in Portoroz is in short demand and quality property goes fairly quickly if priced correctly.

  • Luxury Hisa Zeenia for Slovenia holiday rental

    We are pleased to announce the availabilty of this wonderful, magical House for rent in Slovenia. Hisa Zeenia is a truly magnificent house available for a Holiday rental in Slovenia all year round. With outdoor Natural swimming pool and 7 bedrooms, landscaped gardens and all located in the stunning Soca Valley its one of the best holiday properties to rent in slovenia. Click here for more

  • Prekmurje Property

    We are seeing a marked increase in the Prekmurje region again. Both Slovenians and foreigners are enquiring about property in Prekmurke, especially old style houses with some land. Renovation projects remain popular and views a must. Prices have come down since the crisis and with the Euro falling it has become a very attractive area to look at.

  • New section here

    As you can see this is a new section we have just added, to keep our customers up to date with whats going on with Elite and real estate here in Slovenia. It will be regularly updated.

  • A Bargain!

    Does it get any cheaper than this for a renovation project, a lovely village, a quiet street, some land all for €25000! Click here

  • New Properties added

    We have been out and about over the past few weeks seeing and adding new properties to our website. Over the next few weeks many more will be added so its a good idea to register for updates if you wish to be kept informed of whats new in Slovenia real estate.

  • Another Beauty – Karst Project

    We are pleased to announce another superb development in the popular Karst region. Beautiful, modern villas in a rural setting, super views and highly energy efficient, these represent Slovenia real estate at its best. For details click here, a full presentation of visuals will also be found here. For more details just contact us.

  • Lipica Villas

    Together with a partner agency we are soon to be launching a beautiful new development in Lipica, just opposite the entrance to the famous Lipica Estate where the famous Lipizzaner horses are from. This represents Slovenia real estate at its finest…Click here for a sneak preview

  • Summer Here!

    The good weather has arrived just in time for the holidays and the three public holiday days here in Slovenia. Blue skies 26 degrees, everything green its a very beautiful time!


  • Good Weather means enquiries

    Its always interesting to see the corallation between good weather and increased enquiries for Slovenia real estate. Over the past few weeks when its been cold and rainy enquiries were low, now people see the sun is coming back and the enquiries have risen. Forget the moon! We are ruled by the sun!

  • Success in Moscow

    We are happy to report that our attendance at the Moscow Real Estate fair was a great success, we were the only representation Slovenia had and that proved effective. There was much interest in Slovenia especially in the €150-€250,000 price range. Many of the visitors to the Croatia stands were also coming our way so its good to know that many consider Slovenia as an alternative to Croatia.

  • Soca Interest

    Interest in the Soca region of Slovenia has reached the highest level in two years. People have always loved this area for Slovenia real estate for its beauty but it seems people are really seeing all the benefits of this popular area and preferring it to other areas.

  • Karst Interest, new stone villas

    We have seen a marked increase in enquiries for the Karst (Kras) region of Slovenia, we will soon be selling stone villas in a new exclusive development in Lipica, home of the famous Lipizzaner horses. We will publish more information once we start the marketing campaign

  • Moscow Fair

    We will be promoting 4 fabulous new developments at the fair as well as all our beautiful properties on our books. As well as meeting all the agencies we work with and several we will hopefully be working with in the future.

  • New Site Comments

    We have recieved many kind comments about our re designed site, Thank you to all those that sent emails with such great comments. We also received some great suggestions about what people would like to see on the site and we will be working on including many of these suggestions!

  • Katja to get Licence

    Our Office general manager Katja Keber is studying for her real estate licence, let’s hope she gets it soon!

    Katja has been with SE for 4 years and has a great understanding of how Slovenia real estate Market works so we expect her to pass first time!

  • Off to Moscow

    The SE team will be attending the International Real Estate Fair in Moscow in April, we will be promoting selected properties and projects on our books.

    The show is Russia’s largest real estate show and in the past Slovenia real estate has not been presented before, so a first for Slovenia and Elite!

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