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Golf In Slovenia


If you are considering a golfing holiday or weekend break, Slovenia offers an ideal opportunity to enjoy this popular pastime at courses of which many are located in areas of outstanding natural beauty.


There are a number of courses and driving ranges to enjoy which have fairways close to the diverse scenery which Slovenia has to offer. You can enjoy a round of golf near the vineyards, valleys, beautiful lakes or under the stunning alpine peaks of the Julian mountains.


The Rise in Popularity of Golf In Slovenia

In the last ten years, golf has become more popular with the local population and also the increasing number of tourists who come to Slovenia, many of whom come on golfing holidays.  Slovenia’s golf courses are suitable for complete beginners but also have plenty to offer experienced players. You can book golfing lessons for beginners and children, or if you are an experienced player, you can sharpen your skills with experienced instructors on some of the best courses in Europe. 


Best Courses Set Amongst Stunning Natural Beauty


Slovenia’s first ever golf course was built back in 1938, near the town of Bled, for the enjoyment of the King of Yugoslavia. The course was not changed until 1972, when the course itself and facilities were extensively renovated. The course is acknowledged as one which is set within some of the most stunning scenery in Slovenia.


Today, the sport isn't just for royalty and has become a popular sport with many Slovenes of all ages, both sexes and from a wide variety of backgrounds. In 1989, the popular Lipica course was built and after its completion, the sport experienced a surge in popularity – both locally and with the growing number of overseas visitors. 


Golf Courses of Slovenia




As we noted in the introduction,  this is the oldest golf course in Slovenia. The picturesque location makes it one of the most popular courses, and it offers some challenging holes making it particularly popular with pro players. You can play either the 18 hole King’s or the 9 hole Lake course, both of which will offer you an enjoyable round of golf, and afterwards, you can visit Bled town and lake which is the most popular tourist attraction in Slovenia.




This is the only course in Slovenia which is open throughout the year. The course is surrounded by imposing oak trees, close to the stud farm, of the famous Lipizzaner horses in the hauntingly beautiful Karst region. The course has nine holes. In addition, a casino and an exclusive hotel are adjacent to the course, creating the perfect weekend break.



The backdrop to this course is rolling hills and the imposing Mokrice Castle. The castle offers accommodation for sightseers and of course those wishing to enjoy the golf. The rustic beauty of the area and castle gives the visitor a sense of going back in time. The course is also near the popular Terme Čatež thermal spa resort.

Moravske Toplice

This course is located in Prekmurje which is famous for its mineral spas. The course is perfect for beginners, with its putting green and driving ranges where you can learn under qualified instruction. For the experienced player, there is an 18-hole course to play on and regular competitions to compete in.


This is the most recently built course in the country. It's an18 hole course, with some of the best facilities for golfers in Slovenia. In terms of local attractions, it's near to Otočec Castle which is situated on an island in the Krka river; it's an impressive castle, set in a beautiful location so make sure you pay it a visit.


Considered by many the best 18-hole course in Slovenia, this course has large expanses of water, making it a challenging prospect.  After a relaxing round of golf, you can take a trip around the local town which has an ancient castle, a famous winery and many other attractions.

Podčetrtek Olimje

Another challenging 18-hole course. Olimje offers natural water obstacles and sandbanks  to make it a challenging round of golf. The course is next to the spa resort of Terme Olimia which is a great place to unwind after a day's golfing.

Slovenske Konjice

The Zlati Grič course is a 9-hole course located in a picturesque valley. The valley is full of vineyards, with dense alpine trees on the slopes from which streams flow down, making it a relaxing location in which to unwind. The course is also near some excellent restaurants, offering excellent cuisine and great wines from the local vineyards.


This course is located in the capital Ljubljana and is a course which is perfect for everyone from beginner to pro. This is because the course does not require a permit to use it. This nine hole course is very popular due to its convenient location. Being in the capital, after a round of golf, you can visit the sights of Ljubljana, and enjoy its varied attractions and cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Volčji Potok Arboretum


This 18 hole course is located with a forested area which is dotted with pristine clear lakes with a stunning view of the peaks of the Kamnik Alps. The course can be a challenging one and attracts many experienced players.


Driving Ranges – Exams and Playing Permits


There are many driving ranges in Slovenia where beginners can learn the basics and experienced pro players can perfect their shots and skills. If you are a beginner, you can get professional instruction to get a playing permit.


The course to obtain a permit takes around 20 hours in all to complete. The exam which follows the course is made up of a written exam and a practical one. After completing the the exam, you can then join any of Slovenia's golf clubs with your permit to play.


Golf Breaks and Holidays in Slovenia


If you are a beginner, casual player or even a pro, Slovenia offers you world class gold courses and facilities which are among the best In Europe. Even better, you can enjoy the stunning surrounding scenery and do so at an affordable cost.

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