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Fishing In Slovenia

Slovenia is a mecca for anglers and offers suburb fly-fishing, in stunning scenrey such as the Soca valley or the on the beautuful lakes at Bled and Bohinj. While these are the most well known angling spots, there are many more throughout Slovenia and a wide variety, of fish are found in the pristine waters of this small but beautful country. 

Slovenia's Rivers Lakes and Fish

The rivers and lakes, of Slovenia which total 12,000 hectares in size are home of 93 species of freshwater fish with 33 of them,  protected under slovenian law. Angling is a popular sport with the locals and a large number, of overseas visitors who come to Slovenia, not just for great fishing but to be do so in one of the most picturesque areas of Europe.

In terms of angling, the most popular fish are: The marble, rainbow, brook and brown trout.  grayling, huchen, nase, pike, carp, roach, chub, tench, barbel, zander, salmon and wels catfish.

Popular Angling Rivers and Lakes

The Soča

The Soca and its tributaries are well known, for there suburb fishing and the rivers, are the home to the indigenous Marble Trout (Salmo marmoratus) which is a rare protected fish. The Marble Trout  is now growing in numbers again, after seeing stocks seriously depleted just a few years ago. The rivers are also home to the adriatic grayling, rainbow trout, brook and brown trout, chub and an abundance of barbel. The Soca valley is unspoilt and an area of stunning scenic beauty. The Soca valley is the most popular, fishing destination for overseas visitors, looking for fishing holidays day fishing trips or weekend breaks.

The Soča maybe the most popular river to fish in Slovenia but it also has, a number of tributaries which all offer a great fishing experience.

TheTolminka, offers great fly fishing and meets the Soca at tomlin and has a large number of trout and also the popular grayling can be found in large numbers. The Bača, Idrijca,Trebusča and Nadiza, are also popular and offer great fly fishing and plenty of trout.

Sava Bohinjka

Slovenia's other great river is the Sava Bohinjka which flows from Bohinj Lake. The fishing on this river is popular especially,due to the large number of grayling to be found - with the biggest being 60 cm or more in length. There is also an abundance of brown and  rainbow trout, hunchen and many other species to be fished.

Bohinjsko Jezero.

Bohinj is Slovenia’s largest lake. In its waters, can be found the rare lake trout and an abundance of other fish including - perch, roach, pike, chub, tench, barbel, carp, zander, to name just a few.

The Lake is the most popular among anglers from overseas and with good reason, its a  huge lake with pristine waters, surrounded by stunning scenery which make it, a great area to relax in and enjoy some great fishing.

Blejsko Jezero

Lake Bled is located in the Gorenjska region of the country. The lake is the country's most visited tourist attraction and attracts a huge number of anglers. In terms of fish to be caught, its a similar to Lake Bohinj but the lake, has a reputation of having huge trophy size carp. 

Fishing in Slovenia

On the rivers and lakes,  fishing methods tend to vary with the season, the type of water, and the angler's personal way of fishing. Dry fly, nymph or streamer are all popular techniques used by anglers. In relation to rods, five to nine-weight rods that are 8 1/2- or 9-feet long are the most commonly used.

Fly fishing does the least damage to fish when there caught and is the most popular method in Slovenia, with many stretches of river only permitting this form of fishing.

Slovenia take great pride in its rivers and lakes and the protection of rare or endangered species. The various angling societies  and the national fisheries Institute of Slovenia, have helped to preserve fish stocks and protect many endangered species. The angling societies offer a wealth of knowledge, on the fishing in there areas and can be contacted, if you need any questions answered, on fishing in the area and what you are permitted or not permitted to do.

Fishing Season

The Fly fishing season for trout and grayling is from March to November - although some rivers are only open from April to October so check before setting off to fish any waters. For catching Danube salmon (the huchen) the season starts in November and continues, through to February.

Fishing in Slovenia an Unspoilt Anglers Paradise

The fishing in Slovenia is some of the best in Europe in terms of – the number of fish to be found and quality of the rivers and lakes. The pristine clear waters help support a huge variety of fish and anglers not only get great fishing but also, it can be carried out in the rugged beauty of the Slovenia.

Day trips, weekend trips and holidays, for overseas visitors are a great opportunity to enjoy some of the best angling in Europe at a very affordable price. If you are a serious angler, take a look at fishing in Slovenia.

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