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About us 

Our team

Slovenia Estates is owned and run by Justin Young, based in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. Justin and his family live in Slovenia having moved from the UK. We have four licensed real estate agents working for us; Eva Jakopin Tomažič, Pavlina Božič, Janja Mikuž and Katja Keber. We have two offcies in Ljubljana, one in the Old Town and another very close to it! See here for details

p1bso3hk1s15g7tmvtmc1jp91aos5.jpgJustin Young has owned and run Slovenia Estates for 15 years and has a wide range of experience of the Slovenian real estate market. Justin would be happy to discuss with you your requirements whether you are a buyer or a seller. Justin together with his business partner, Eva Jakopin will be delighted to discuss your requirements or answer any questions you may have regarding Slovenia or its real estate.

p1bso3hk1ui62j8a11v811lfklme.jpgEva Jakopin Tomažič has worked with Slovenia Estates for 12 years. After getting her licence she joined the team and continues to be an integral part of the company, looking after real estate negotiations and mediation. Fluent in English, Russian, Slovenian and German.

p1bso3hk1t1suepl9j30bc1gru7.jpgKatja Keber has worked for Slovenia Estates since 2007 and looks after our offices in Ljubljana, Katja handles all the day to day paperwork and looks after our buyers after sale, An asset to our company! Speaks Russian, English & Slovenian.

p1bso3hk1tvg6l9c4nfvmk1kgo6.jpgPavlina Bozic joined Slovenia Estates in 2013 and takes care of our rentals section as well as sales too. Pavlina works with landlords to seek tenants for their properties as as well as working with clients looking for a rental property.  She gained her licence 10 years ago, has years of experience working with other real estate agencies prior to joining our company.

p1bso3hk1t1jq0lvt1a8mlbcrsu9.jpgHelena Horvat joined Slovenia Estates in 2015 and runs our office in Ljubljana’s Old Town. Helena looks after our sellers as well as our holiday rentals section.

p1bs2rli791m9c1fo911rah1g1lj45.jpgJade van Baaren runs the renovations part of our business working under her brand name JVBdesignworks Jade helps makes dreams come true, working with buyers to turn their purchases into fully renovated turn key wonders! An amazing interior designer and project manager in one. You can see her work here.

p1bt73bfc3167d1a4lk0s5aakm05.jpgSabina Zule works with Jade and her team, an architect and project coordinator, Sabina is a superb draftsperson, knows the planning laws and works to provide the necessary drawings and projects for the tradespeople to work with.


How we work

There are lots of “middlemen” selling property in Slovenia, however, We were the first English run licensed agency in Slovenia, we are therefore regulated and have to run our business by a strict set of rules, giving you the confidence and trust you need when making such an investment.

We are much more than a real estate agency as we have been in the position of buying numerous times ourselves in Slovenia and know what to expect and what you as investors need not just to select their property but also to look after it when you are not there.

We cover the central and Western part of Slovenia, the areas that border Italy as well the charming capital city of Ljubljana and Slovenia's "second" city Maribor and from Piran on the coast to Kranska Gora in the North. We are often asked to represent properties all over Slovenia, so you will see properties on our site from all over this beautiful country!

We will always try and match your lifestyle with the right location, If you’re a skier we’ll help you find what you’re looking for in the right region, or if you just want a retreat in the hills or by a river we’ll help you find that too. Having been in the same position as you it is so important to get the location and type of property right, if you are interested in renting, it is important that the area attracts tourists and therefore you can maximise the rental yield from your property.


What places us differently from other agents here is we don't just sell our own properties, we work as a seek and find agent too, meaning tell us what you want and with our network of agents we will be able to find you what you're looking for, there is no extra fee for this service, lets face it we want to sell you a house, so its best to find you something you want or you may decide to go to Bulgaria - heaven forbid!

Once you’ve bought your house or apartment we’ll help you with all that needs to be done to maintain it, such as assisting with renovation, rentals or just simply putting the bills in your name.

So, come and see us and the beautiful areas we cover, whether you choose a different location or not you owe it to yourself to see this side of Slovenia!

If you would like to know more about the Slovenia Real Estate Market   you will find all the info you need on this site. You can also review our extensive Portfolio of Properties  to buy or rent.  if you are thinking of buying or selling a property, we can offer a one stop service, to help you complete the transaction smoothly and with the minimum of fuss. We are a local Established Estate Agent  and will be pleased to discuss,  your individual requirements without any cost or obligation – we look forward to hearing from you.

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