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Olga Roberts UK. Sold near Bled.

You can't miss Slovenia Estates. Any cursory online search of the Slovenian property market will bring up their highly professional and well-maintained site offering a wide range of properties, including some of the most exclusive in Slovenia. So, when quite unexpectedly, I found myself needing to sell a high-end property near Lake Bled in Slovenia's Gorenjska region I turned to them. Unfortunately, the timing was bad. The recession had just rolled out across the continent and I was particularly anxious about the likelihood of a good sale with house prices plummeting fast. However, I was soon to be reassured. Within days of our property being posted on the SE website we had a potential buyer flying in from Brussels to view the property. This was a couple who had been on SE's books for a few years and had received an email notification that a new property fitting their specs had become available. Within a few months a price had been agreed and we were able to proceed with a sale.  
Included in the services offered by SE was strategic advice on how to improve and present the property, a full and patient explanation of the Slovenian system for non-nationals, a professional photo shoot resulting in an impressive gallery of pictures on their website (which I now have for my personal record), responsible and efficient staff with excellent language and legal skills and balanced, pro-active mediation between both parties. In addition, and crucially, candid advice was offered throughout the process, based on a well-researched understanding of the Slovenian, and indeed, European market.    
More than anything I trusted and felt confident that Justin Young, the friendly, Director and his colleague Eva Jakopin of SE were giving 110% towards the successful sale of my property. Highly recommended!

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