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Adria - the Slovenian Caravan of Love

12.10.2018 | Fiona Thompson

Now a museum piece, the miniscule Adria 375 was the first mobile home to leave the Adria factory in August 1965. The international caravan industry and market was introduced to this tiny but well-equipped model at the trade fair in Stockholm, Sweden and became an instant hit. 


In the more than five decades that have passed since then, Adria has become one of the most important players in the market, winning awards as well as legions of loyal fans. Like Pony (the inconic Slovenian folding bike), Adria is much loved at home as well as abroad.

In the 1970s Adria caravans were recognisable for the bold blue stripe across the side, and the characteristic oval shape of the body. The company even launched a luxury line for those with deeper pockets. In the 1908s Adria caravans took on a more modern streamlined image with a more aerodynamic design. One of the most popular models was the Mistral which was in production from 1982 until 1994, while in 1982 the company launched it's first motorhome, the Adriatik.

The company has always been at the cutting edge of caravan and motorhome design. In the 1990s it added van conversions and fully integrated motorhomes to its portfolio, while in 2005 it opened a new state-of-the-art production premises in Novo mesto. It's far cry from the first days of the company when initially 1 caravan a day rolled out of the factory. More than half a million caravans and motorhomes have now been built by Adria. In the 2000s they even started designing and building static holiday caravans. 

In 2011 Adria won no fewer than 6 König-Kunde-Awards in various categories including living comfort and price/value ratio. It is no mean feat since it was the first non-German caravan maker to win the prestigious accolade awarded by the German magazine Reise Mobil. 


Adria continues to go from strenth to strength, it devotes a lot of attention to environmentally friendly manufacture and was recently awarded the Family-Friendly certification that many Slovenian companies are now striving to achieve. 

Here's to another 50 years of excellence for Adria!




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