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Buying info


Since May 2004 Slovenia has been a full member of the EU and with their joining came the ability for other EU and US and OECD nationals to buy property. People from other countries can buy here very simply by forming an EU company anywhere within Europe and purchasing a property through that company.


Things to consider before you buy

We would recommend you research the various areas before you choose to buy, much of this research can be done via the Internet, but it is important to consider what you want from your property just as much as the area you prefer.

For example, If you like to ski, make sure your property is close to the resorts and that the roads to these resorts allow you to get there in reasonable time. If you like outdoor activities like canoeing, hiking, whitewater rafting, fishing etc make sure that these can be done near your property. We cannot emphasize enough how important this is, depending on what you are after, price obviously is important but there are good value properties in the West of the country just as there are in the East, so be demanding, if you want to be near mountains and valleys, streams, rivers etc, make sure that's what you get! Because it's all here!

It may sound obvious but if its skiing you're after make sure you visit and think about buying when its winter, you can check out the facilities when they are all running and make good comparisons between resorts and areas, which you can't do in Summer.

Consider whether you want a property that is new or needs no renovation versus a renovation project. We can help with any renovation you require and project manage for you, but this may not be for you, while the financial returns are can be greater on a renovation project, you may prefer a property that you can use and rent out from day one.

We as a licensed agent sell both our own properties as well as co-market properties from other agents, so if you don't find anything you really like on the website don't settle for second best, Tell us what you are really looking for and let us try to find something more suitable. We would prefer not to sell a house to you than sell you one that you later realise wasn't really for you.


The process

Unlike some other countries the sale process is usually quick, easy and straightforward. If you are not buying agricultural land your sale can be accomplished inside of a month. With agricultural it will take one month longer.

Once you have found your property you will be required to pay a 10% deposit which if the seller backs out for any reason will be returned to you - but doubled, this is Slovenian law. If you back out then the seller will keep this 10%. So unlike the UK for example  "gazumping" is virtually non-existent in Slovenia.

We will need a copy of your passport at this point; we will then apply for a tax number for you as well as an EMSO number, both of which are required to complete a property transaction. This will only take around a week to come through.

We would then recommend you use a Lawyer to check all paperwork, ownership details and contracts. We have a lawyer we use that is English speaking, highly recommended and used to be a real estate agent so knows the processes inside out. Alternatively, you can select your own lawyer, but either way use one!

Now you can return home, with two options return to sign all the papers in person and pay the final balance or give us or your lawyer power of attorney and the sale can be completed for you.

When sending your final payment check out the best way to do this, ask your banks for favourable exchange rates and try companies such as The Foremost Currency Cothese companies can usually send money for your with a better exchange rate.

We will make sure that all paperwork has been obtained, checked and approved before your final payment is made.

It is good to open a bank account locally, this will enable you to pay bills etc when you are not here, accounts can be set up the same day and require only your passport.

Look through our FAQ section for a wealth of information on Slovenia, the buying process and many other issues.



Please see our section under OWNER SERVICES for our help in this area.

If you are looking at buying a property in Slovenia, we can help you get the transaction completed smoothly. We have experience of buying all types of properties and we also, have a range of professional services we can recommend to you from lawyers to banks. There are many benefits of Buying Slovenian Real Estate   costs are competitive, the buying process is straightforward and of course, the country is safe and beautiful. We have a wide range of real estate to buy in all areas of Slovenia and you can view, our extensive range of properties by viewing our portfolio of Property for Sale If you have any specific requirements in terms of the property you are looking for please contact us and we will do our best to locate properties that meet your exact criteria.

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