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Build your dream house

Slovenia Estates can help you design and build your dream house. Heres how it works:

For some the thought of buying an old house is daunting, some do not like to get involved in renovation projects and the time and effort they can take to complete, so we have developed a nice easy risk free alternative

We help you find a nice building plot, maybe where an existing “wreck” stands and then you choose from over 50 styles of house to erect on the land. You can now sit back, in the knowledge that you know what you are getting, no surprises, no price increases and no builder and tradesmen headaches!

Each timber framed house is built to European structural and insulation standards, built off site and erected on your land inside of three months.

The price for the house and construction is fixed, so no nasty surprises. We manage the project if required for a small fee! We’ll even furnish it for you, Jade has a degree in interior design, well nearly!

Three months later you get a brand new, super energy efficient dream house ready for use.

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If you build a property, we arrange all the fine details from finding you the Best House Builders to an interior design company  so you can leave the project management in our hands and there is one major advantage of building your own property which is its very cost effective in terms of - the cost to build A house or apartment against its re-sale value. If want a property which is build to your specifications, there are big advantages in terms of getting exactly what you want in terms of  not only the end product but in terms of the costs involved, against the value of the property should you wish to sell.

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