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Soča valley property


Northwest of Ljubljana it’s an area of beautiful snow capped mountains, lakes, and rivers and is a perfect area to enjoy a variety of outdoor sports. skiing, hiking, rafting, biking, and fly-fishing draw tourists from all over the world. The area is not just drawing tourists but also overseas property investors, looking for affordable property investments in Slovenia with good growth potential.

The area above is known as the Soca Valley (pronounced 'socha') is an area of outstanding natural beauty. The area is dominated by one of Europe's most stunning and beautiful rivers which gives the area its name.

The Soca Valley is located along Slovenia’s border with Italy, which includes the river Soca and all of its tributaries, from this source it then flows into and through the Nova Gorica flatlands. The Soca's distinctive turquoise hue flows for around 100km against a backdrop of high limestone mountains, covered in dense alpine forests and lush meadows peppered with an abundance of wildflowers. The eastern border of the valley runs across the high peaks of the beautiful and stunning Julian Alps mountain range which separate it from neighboring Bohinj

Large amounts of the region are part of the protected Triglavski Narodni Park (Triglav National Park), The two major towns in the upper valley are Kobarid and Bovec and both are becoming more popular with overseas property buyers.

Other towns seeking a lot of foreign buying are Bovec, Kobarid, Tolmin, and Nova Gorica.

The Soca valley is a fly-fishing haven and fishing for the indigenous marble trout is extremely popular, as are a variety of other sports including; Hiking and kayaking and walking. In the upper reaches of the Soca Valley the town of Bovec offers world class adventure sports and tourism is growing steadily throughout the region.

Kobarid is a town where you can learn about the history of the Soca valley.

The region is famous from the First World War where the Soca front was the location of one of the most vicious, bloody and keenly fought mountain battles in history. For those interested in history, Ernest Hemingway wrote about this valley in great detail in his famous book “A Farewell to Arms”.

With its beauty, variety of outdoor sports and convenient location to explore nearby regions and attractions more people than ever are buying property in the Soca valley to enjoy to make long term capital gains and take advantage of solid rental gains.

If you are considering buying Soca Valley property, make sure you visit and get a feel for the area and the property that best suits your needs. If you are considering overseas property investment or buying property in Slovenia take a look at buying Soca Valley property.

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