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Events Around Slovenia in March

Spring marks the start of something new and fresh. In this blog post, you will find a list of events through which you can get to experience our culture as well as a passion for food and sports

A City with Plečnik's Signature

Events Around Slovenia in March: A CITY WITH PLEČNIK'S SIGNATURE

When: 01. 3. - 01. 04. 

Where: Ljubljana 

What: You can visit this exhibition by exploring Tivoli Park located in Ljubljana. It is portraying the heritage that one of the greatest Slovenian architects has left behind. The exhibition is admission free. Learn more here.

The Ljubljana Castle Jazz Club

Events Around Slovenia in March: The Ljubljana Castle Jazz ClubWhen: until 27. 03. 

Where: Ljubljana

What: Are you after fine drinks and relaxed club atmosphere? Drive up to the Ljubljana castle with the funicular for one of the evening jazz concerts taking part during the month of March. You can find the full list of concerts here.

41st Pruning of the Old Vine, the oldest vine in the world 

Events Around Slovenia in March: 41st Pruning of the Old Vine, the oldest vine in the worldWhen: 07. 03. 

Where: Maribor 

What: Maribor is the home of the oldest vine in the world and its pruning is a significant ceremonial event. On this occasion, the city of Maribor donates the scions of the Old Vine to its partner cities, communities and countries all over the world. The event is accompanied by a cultural-ethnographic programme and scions of the Old Vine's descendants will be for sale for the visitors of the event. Learn more here.

59th Salami Festival

Events Around Slovenia in March: 59th Salami FestivalWhen: 10. 03. at 15:00 

Where: Gostilna Vrtovšek, Sevnica 

What: The society of people who make salami has been organizing this festival since 1962. It is considered to be the oldest evaluation of home-made salami in our country and probably also Europe. During this traditional culinary event, numerous salamis from Sevnica area are being assessed. Learn more about the event here.

St. Gregory's - Vuč u vodo 

Events Around Slovenia in March: St. Gregory's - Vuč u vodo When: 11. 03. from 16:00 

Where: Tržič 

What: The Tržič custom of “Vuč u vodo” is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and eagerly anticipated events of the year. The custom comes alive on 11 March on the eve of St. Gregory's Day. It is a centuries-old Tržič tradition that was observed by Tržič shoemakers in the past. On this day they stopped working under lights in their workshops. Cobblers' apprentices asked their masters for permission to make miniature houses during the work shift. Each apprentice grabbed the nearest “camboh” (a wicker bowl or basket), filled it with wood shavings, mixed everything with strong glue, set it on fire, and placed the basket onto the water. Since there no longer any cobblers' apprentices in Tržič, the custom is kept alive by children from schools and preschools of Tržič. They gather together on St. Gregory's Eve and float their miniature houses down the Tržič Bistrica. The programme is enriched by an exhibition of the "gregorčki" houses lasting several days and numerous accompanying events. Learn more here.

Gregorevo - Lovers day

Events Around Slovenia in March: Gregorevo - Lovers dayWhen: 11.3.  

Where: Kranj 

What: Saint Gregory´s Day is our own version of Valentine’s Day in Slovenia. It is connected to an old folk custom announcing that the birds are getting married and spring is coming. A workshop where you will be got to make your own little boat will take place at 16:00. At 18:00 everyone will meet on the banks of the Kokra River to say goodbye to short winter days by letting the little boats float down the river. Join us in this traditional event that will illuminate the whole canyon beneath the city. Learn more here.

The Welcoming of Spring

Events Around Slovenia in March: The Welcoming of SpringWhen: 11. 03. at 17:00 - 20:00 

Where: Gradaščica Canal on Eipporova Street in Trnovo, Ljubljana (link)

What: The Welcoming of Spring is a traditional event taking place in Ljubljana before St Gregory’s Day. It is reviving the handicraftsmen’s tradition of launching wooden clogs with burning candles inside them into waters as a sing of rejoicing at no longer having to work by candlelight. According to folk tradition, St Gregory brings spring, and by the Julian calendar, his name day (12 March) is the first day of spring. This event is family-friendly. Learn more here.

Coffee Festival Slovenia, Celje

Events Around Slovenia in March: Coffee Festival Slovenia, CeljeWhen: 13. - 15. 03., 10:00-19:00 

Where: Celje 

What: This is the event for anyone enthusiastic about coffee! Coffee Festival Slovenia is a lively event, filled with discussions, tastings, workshops and expert lectures. It is hosting some large coffee brands and boutique coffee roasters. Learn more here.

ARTish Market 2020 Season-opening

Events Around Slovenia in March: ARTish market 2020 season-opening When: 14. 03. 

Where: Kino Šiška-Centre for Urban Culture, Ljubljana

: This festival is a series of events where artists show their works, present their methods and ideas. It features a selling exhibition of original works by Slovenian creators. The programme also includes free creative workshops for adults and children, theatre performances, music concerts, charity projects such as exchange of used clothes, and various fundraising events. Learn more here.

APISlovenia 40th Beekeeping Days

Events Around Slovenia in March: APISlovenia 40th Beekeeping DaysWhen: 14. - 15. 03. 

Where: Celje 

What: Slovenia is a nation of beekeepers and this fair is one of the largest fairs of its kind in Slovenia visited by more and more beekeepers from abroad. If you wish to learn more about beekeeping, apitherapy, taste the honey and other products. Learn more about the event here

MTB Vipava Valley 

Events Around Slovenia in March: MTB Vipava Valley When: 15. 03. 

Where: Ajdovščina 

What: Do you enjoy mountain biking or watching them fly by? This competition takes place in three categories: the family-friendly MTBVV 27 (27 km), the MTBVV 44 (44 km) which is set up along winegrowing trails, and MTB 66 (66 km) which loops around the Vipava Valley. Learn more about the event here.

FIS Ski Flying World Championships Planica 2020

Events Around Slovenia in March: FIS Ski Flying World Championships Planica 2020When: 19. - 22. 03. 

Where: Planica 

What: The flying hill in Planica will host battles for World Championship medals. In four days, the valley under the Ponce mountains will be visited by tens of thousands of ski flying fans from all over the world. Join us cheering up the athletes from all around the world and live watch their breathtaking flights. Learn more here.

Open kitchen 

Events Around Slovenia in March: Open kitchen When: 20.3. 

Where: Pogačarjev Trg, Ljubljana 

What: The season of open-kitchen festival is starting in March 2020. This is an open-air gastronomic event which takes place on every Friday throughout spring, summer and autumn. It takes place in the city centre Ljubljana where you get to taste a variety of world cuisine, wine, and beer in the magnificent atmosphere of an old, charming city. Learn more here.

International Festival Chilli and Chocolate 

Events Around Slovenia in March: International Festival Chilli and Chocolate When: 20. - 21. 03. 

Where: Maribor 

What: Do you share a love for spicy and sweet? This festival joins together Chilli and Chocolate enthusiasts. At the event, more than 40 different chilli creators and chocolate artists from Slovenia and abroad present their delicious and spicy products. Learn more about the event here.

Adria Mobil Grand prix 

Events Around Slovenia in March: Adria Mobil Grand prix When: 29. 03.

Where: Novo Mesto 

What: This one-day international event brings together cyclists of all ages and skill levels. It takes place in the heart of Dolenjska and is offering more than just cycling. It promotes a healthy lifestyle, green mobility and spending free time in touch with nature. Learn more here.

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In Slovenia, February is the month of the carnival! Join us in one of the multiple cultural events where people dress up and get to experience the Slovenian folk customs. In February, we also celebrate one of Slovenia's greatest poets - France Prešeren. The day of his death was declared national holiday on which many museums open their doors to visitors.

2020 Winter Swimming World Cup

2020 Winter Swimming World Cup.jpgWhen: 03. - 09. 02.

Where: Bled

What: More than a thousand swimmers from around the world are expected to participate in this winter swimming competition held in Bled. You can learn more about this event here.

France Prešeren Fair

Prešeren fair in Kranj.jpg.jpgWhen: 08. 02. 

Where: around Slovenia

What: France Prešeren is one of the greatest Slovenian poets who left a legacy of literary works behind and has inspired all later Slovene literature. Which is why February 8th is a public holiday and marks the anniversary of his death. Multiple cultural events take place in Slovenia on that day and many museums open their doors to visitors free of cost:



                                            • Free entrance: Slovenian ethnographic museum, Technical museum of SloveniaMaribor Art Gallery with a very rich programme, free entrance to the Stud Farm in Lipica and special offer for their show “Fairy tale of Lipica”, Ljubljana castle will organize themed tours for their current exhibitions, open day in the City Museum in Ljubljana, the visit to the National Museum of Slovenia and all the exhibitions and events will be free of charge
                                            • Prešeren fair in Kranj: Kranj will assume the image that it had in the 19th century, in Prešeren's memory. Several traditional and artistic craftsmen will be presenting their products and skills on the streets of the historic centre, choirs will be singing, Prešeren’s poems will be recited, folk dances will be danced by groups, street organs will be played and the townspeople will be walking the streets in their historic costumes. You will have the chance to ride a carriage through the streets and children will be able to ride a real pony. There will be many free guided tours at the Gorenjska Museum, Town Library and Prešeren’s House etc. Learn more about the event here.
                                            • Hiking along the Žirovnica Cultural Heritage Trail: The village of Žirovnica is Prešeren’s birth village and on February 8th you are invited to hike its cultural heritage trail. For 2€ you can buy a hiker’s card with which you can collect commemorative stamps at the five stations of the cultural heritage trail and get free snacks and hot drinks along the way. This themed trail is a perfect opportunity for a family day trip. You can learn more about it here

Hiking along the Žirovnica Cultural Heritage Trail.png

Flamenco Festival

p1dvu7c1j1h4ptd69b15i3a525.jpgWhen: 14. - 18. 02.

Where: Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana

What: The Festival was established with the aim of demonstrating to the national audiences that flamenco is a contemporary, dynamic, creative and highly innovative form of dance and music art. Between 14th - 18th February multiple events and workshops related to Flamenco will be taking place in Cankarjev dom. You can learn more about and purchase the tickets for the festival here.

Golden Fox - FIS Ski World Cup for Women

Golden Fox - FIS Ski World Cup for Women.jpgWhen: 15.-16. 02.

Where: Maribor

What: This is a classic women’s competition in Maribor accompanied by an unforgettable atmosphere. The Mariborsko Pohorje ski centre boasts the largest number of skiers in Slovenia and the longest downhill night run in Europe. Learn more about the event here.


"Kurentovanje" is Slovenia’s main spring cultural and ethnographic festival of national importance. It is aimed at “scaring the winter away” and celebrating the start of spring. Tours of the “Currents” take a march through villages dancing and loudly ringing from house to house. Learn more about when and where you can join us in the carnival celebrations: 

The biggest carnival in Slovenia – 60th Carnival in Ptuj 

p1dvubg1ei1tjml431juc189hq705.jpgWhen: 15. - 25. 02.

Where: Ptuj

What: If you mean to visit only one carnival, you should definitely go to Ptuj! The unique Ptuj carnival legacy, which is deeply rooted in the mystical pagan character of Kurent and many other characters, is combined with attractive local features throughout the festival, such as music, dance, fashionable local cuisine and high-quality wines. In the midst of all that is the breathtaking scenic Ptuj, an old town offering new experiences, where most of the events take place in all their glory. 

Between 15th and 25th February there will be multiple events taking place in Ptuj, so make sure to check their website for more information on the programme and location.p1dvubgupsep3rof19j91t371bs95.jpg


Carnival in Kranj 

p1dvubbjj81ogj3qd1rt5123j17875.jpgWhen: 22. 02. 

Where: Kranj 

What: The streets and squares of Kranj, traditionally painted in carnival shades will smell of delicious "krofi" and will be full of dressed-up people. You will be able to find the full programme here

Carnival in Bled 

When: 23. 02. 

Where: Bled 

What: This carnival will be dedicated to bees organized by Tourism Bled and the Slovenia Bees Association. Learn more about the event here.

The Drežnica Carnival: 

p1dvub5b8a23sb32l4s1o36lt55.jpgWhen: 22. 02. 

Where: Drežnica, Soča valley 

What: The Drežnica Carnival is a very old traditional Carnival of pagan origin. The wooden masks are carved out by the boys themselves and thus passing the lively cultural heritage on from generation to generation. The most typical masks of the Drežnica Carnival – Ta Grdi (the Ugly Ones) chase children and sprinkle them with ashes. This unique custom can be seen on Shrove Saturday in Drežnica and a week prior to that in Drežniške Ravne. Learn more about the event here.  

12th Istrian Carnival Parade 

p1dvub34p61jb6qd185rb2f1tlc5.jpgWhen: 22. 02.  

Where: Koper 

What: During an Istrian carnival different groups show their innovativeness and creativity, while ethnographic masks and carnival floats are then evaluated by the jury who announces the best masks for each category. These lively events are usually accompanied by music, carnival delicacies and a programme tailored especially to children. Find the full programme here

Carnival in Laško 

When: 22. 02. 

Where: Laško

What: You can combine this carnival with a visit of the Laško thermal springs, or take a beer tasting tour at the brewery Laško. Learn more about the festival here

p1dvub0r7h14ks4lj1ts86231t5g5.jpgDragon Carnival in the streets of Ljubljana 

When: 22. 02. 

Where: Ljubljana 

What: The Dragon Carnival will include carnival groups of traditional, ethnographically based carnival figures, children's carnival groups, and other organized groups of carnival figures. The programme consists of a large Shrovetide carnival parade through the city’s streets and an entertainment programme held in the centrally located Kongresni trg square. Learn more here

67. International Carnival Pust Šoštanjski 

p1dvuauagm1sf78gspgu1p2r1gvh5.jpgWhen: 22. 02. at 15:00 

Where: Šoštanj, Kranj area 

What: Šoštanj is a well-known carnival city, which also has a prominent place on the European map. A rich carnival with an international cast attracts many visitors every year. Carnival masks impress with imagination, variety and madness. Learn more here

Carnival in Cerknica 

p1dvuaroef1qscm3u1km7a651r1i5.jpgWhen: 23. 02.

Where: Cerknica

What: Sunday's Carnival is one of the biggest in Slovenia and is well known for its great figures – Witches Uršula and Liza, Frog, Pike, Dragon, Jezerko (green “man” who lives under the water of Cerknica Lake), Hedgehog and so on. Figures, measuring up to 10 meters in length, were made by academic artists and represent biological and mythological creatures of Inner Carniola. Learn more here.   

Carnival in Tržič 

p1dvuakpb917dd15dl15711pdj8p05.jpgWhen: 23. 02. at 3 pm 

Where: Tržič

What: Everyone from the municipality as well as others nearby can display their originality, imagination and creativity. The parade of thematic group masks and individual masks will be accompanied and led by animators and at the head of the procession will march the Tržič Wind Orchestra, as for every year. The sharp eye of the committee will judge the originality of ideas, creativity, choreography, and quality of the masks made. The most original masks in the parade will be richly awarded. More about the event here.

Carnival in Kamnik 

p1dvu9cnjj19r094vo0h1154mkd5.jpgWhen: 25. 02. 

Where: Kamnik

What: The majority of Tuesday’s events take place in the afternoon hours when the parade sets off through the city centre. At the same time, the Carnival is one of the rare opportunities when the people from Kamnik can meet Countess Veronika or a real Kamnik mammoth while walking down the streets. They will also award the best individual or group costumes. Learn more


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January is one of the quietest months in Slovenia. There are however plenty of things to do and places to visit. Below we gathered a few ideas on what you can do and see with your friends and family in January. 

New Year’s Concert by the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra

p1dtc16css1h1sbjo100bk9q1vms5.jpgWhen: 01. 01. at 18:00

Where: Cankarjev dom (cultural and congress centre), Ljubljana 

What: You can enter 2020 by attending the traditional New Year Concert performed by the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra which will feature several great soprano arias. The tickets and more information can be found here.

The Story of Ice Island

p1dtc14a0g1vlt1l0nne86f4vuu5.jpgWhen:  30. 11. 2019 - 19. 01. 2020

Where: Izola

What: During the month of January the ‘The Story of Ice Island’ programme continues. In November, the coastal city Izola became an Ice Island for unforgettable winter adventures with no end in sight with the icy kingdom, brand new ice-skating rink, plenty of music, theatre plays, dancing etc. Click here to learn more about the event and check out the programme.

World Snow Day

p1dtc12t9f9711jfnkg10nhrs25.jpgWhen:  18. - 19. 01. 2020

Where: Planica

What: For the 9th time in a row Planica will host the World Snow Day event which promotes the Nordic sports, ski jumping and cross-country skiing. This event is especially attractive for families as the children will be able to borrow the entire equipment free of charge, and professional guidance, funny mascots, social games and excellent animation will be taken care of. They even organize the search for a hidden treasure. Learn more about the event here.

The Snow Castles of King Matjaž

p1dtc101cpopi1v97p2n1ss4hm95.jpgWhen:  24. 01. 2020 - 26. 01. 2020

Where: Črna na koroškem

What: This event has been taking place in January since 1993 on a flat area called Mitnek underneath the mountain Peca. It is special because the building teams from all over Slovenia (and other European countries) gather there and compete in building snow castles. The event takes place for three days and is accompanied by a lively cultural and sports program connected to the legend of Kind Matjaž. Learn more about the event here.

The Ice Trophy

p1dtc0sei2mvb1gdk15f2su71ouo5.jpgWhen: 25. 01. 2020

Where: Kranjska Gora

What: During the entire day you can take part in the open-air hockey tournament and multiple other activities accompanying the event. It takes place next to the lake Jasna in a gorgeous mountain area. Learn more about the event here.

Gourmet CUP Ljubljana

p1dtc0qe2l8a25811si4c90kb65.jpgWhen:  27. 01. 2020

Where: Ski Slopes of Krvavec

What: This event is a perfect match for those who love good food and skiing. On the white slopes of the ski resort Krvavec familiar faces of the Slovenian hospitality scene will gather and bring to you their best culinary masterpieces. The ticket includes gourmet breakfast, full-day ski ticket, tasting snack etc. Learn more and buy your ticket here.

Book. Knowledge. Reason. From Protestantism to Enlightenment 

p1dtc0okm4rop597bme1tlv6aq5.jpgWhen: until 30. 08. 2020

Where: City Museum, Ljubljana

What: This exhibition focuses on the inhabitants of Ljubljana, their activities, and way of life. It presents the history of the city and how it has been influenced by newcomers from other Slovenian and foreign lands. Learn more about the exhibition here.

Ice Skating in Bled

p1dtc0i8k813djk6g8a2q611b4d5.jpgWhen: ongoing

Where: Lake Bled

What: There are many places where you can go ice-skating around Slovenia in winter. One of them is an ice skating rink with the perfect view of Lake Bled and the island. This romantic ice skating rink is open every day in winter and the visitors can also rent the skates. The rink itself offers a wide range of activities that spice up the experience on skates for skaters of all ages. Children can catch colourful mascots, those that like salsa and modern music, can enjoy themselves in wild rhythms. Learn more here.

Treetop Walk Pohorje

p1dtc0mvp71h0c4su1m9818uk1g6e5.pngWhen: ongoing

Where: Rogla

What: This treetop walk on Rogla was open in autumn 2019 and is offering you an opportunity to experience nature from a new perspective. This attraction is perfect for a day trip to northeast Slovenia. Learn more here.



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In Ljubljana, we have already jumped into the festive December on Friday by turning on the Christmas lights all around the city. The month of December is one of the most festive months of the year when cities all around Slovenia get illuminated, you can smell mulled wine and hot cocoa on the streets and multiple cultural events take place. If you have a family check out the following list of events especially interesting for the children.

This Merry Day of Culture

This Merry Day of CultureWhen: 03. 12. 2019

Where: all around Slovenia

What: France Prešeren, one of the greatest Slovenian poets, has been born on December 3rd and for that reason, entrance to the majority of museums, galleries, theatres and cinemas are admission free. Special events will take place all around Slovenia. You can visit Lipica stud farm, UGM Museum, Škofja Loka museumTechnical museum of Slovenia in BistraNational Museum of Contemporary History, etc. For more events click here.

Winter fairytale in Bled

p1dr11kuhs1i0160o12agnne1uja5.jpgWhen: 01. 12. 2019 - 05. 01. 2020

Where: Bled

What: You should visit Bled at least once during the month of December as the lake and its surroundings will be beautifully decorated with Christmas lights. Check out the list of events here.


Festive December in Ljubljana

p1dr1e93a21ken10k91rs416on8r15.jpgWhen: 29. 11. 2019 - 05. 01. 2019

Where: Ljubljana

What: Warm yourself up with a cup of mulled wine or aromatic tea and browse the green stalls to find some gifts for your loved ones. The Christmas markets are accompanied by a programme of festive events held daily in the nearby streets and squares throughout December:


  • Christmas markets: will be held at six locations around Ljubljana.

  • Castle Festive Fair: The last month of the year is just crying out to be filled with memories that will mark the entire year. Castle flavours, melodies, events and gifts will leave the castle’s mark on December open up a future full of heartfelt and happy moments. 

  • 16th Traditional Christmas Concert: will be organized in front of the Town Hall on the Christmas Eve. 

Discover more events in Ljubljana here.

Festive December in Maribor 2019

p1dr1dkquugir4ab12dtl31tph5.jpgWhen: 29. 11. 2019 - 28. 12. 2019

Where: Maribor

What: Maribor is the second biggest city in Slovenia who will also host numerous concerts, shows and other activities for all generations. Some of the events are: 



  • Festive fair: Take a walk through the Fair’s stalls during Festive December; the stalls offer a full range of genuine, high-quality products of handicraft and art crafts and traditional cuisine.

  • Fairy city: This year, for the seventh time, a new city will be built inside Maribor’s city centre; a city made of goodwill and imagination, where everyone is welcome, and nothing is impossible! A place of joy, socializing, creativ

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