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January is one of the quietest months in Slovenia. There are however plenty of things to do and places to visit. Below we gathered a few ideas on what you can do and see with your friends and family in January. 

New Year’s Concert by the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra

p1dtc16css1h1sbjo100bk9q1vms5.jpgWhen: 01. 01. at 18:00

Where: Cankarjev dom (cultural and congress centre), Ljubljana 

What: You can enter 2020 by attending the traditional New Year Concert performed by the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra which will feature several great soprano arias. The tickets and more information can be found here.

The Story of Ice Island

p1dtc14a0g1vlt1l0nne86f4vuu5.jpgWhen:  30. 11. 2019 - 19. 01. 2020

Where: Izola

What: During the month of January the ‘The Story of Ice Island’ programme continues. In November, the coastal city Izola became an Ice Island for unforgettable winter adventures with no end in sight with the icy kingdom, brand new ice-skating rink, plenty of music, theatre plays, dancing etc. Click here to learn more about the event and check out the programme.

World Snow Day

p1dtc12t9f9711jfnkg10nhrs25.jpgWhen:  18. - 19. 01. 2020

Where: Planica

What: For the 9th time in a row Planica will host the World Snow Day event which promotes the Nordic sports, ski jumping and cross-country skiing. This event is especially attractive for families as the children will be able to borrow the entire equipment free of charge, and professional guidance, funny mascots, social games and excellent animation will be taken care of. They even organize the search for a hidden treasure. Learn more about the event here.

The Snow Castles of King Matjaž

p1dtc101cpopi1v97p2n1ss4hm95.jpgWhen:  24. 01. 2020 - 26. 01. 2020

Where: Črna na koroškem

What: This event has been taking place in January since 1993 on a flat area called Mitnek underneath the mountain Peca. It is special because the building teams from all over Slovenia (and other European countries) gather there and compete in building snow castles. The event takes place for three days and is accompanied by a lively cultural and sports program connected to the legend of Kind Matjaž. Learn more about the event here.

The Ice Trophy

p1dtc0sei2mvb1gdk15f2su71ouo5.jpgWhen: 25. 01. 2020

Where: Kranjska Gora

What: During the entire day you can take part in the open-air hockey tournament and multiple other activities accompanying the event. It takes place next to the lake Jasna in a gorgeous mountain area. Learn more about the event here.

Gourmet CUP Ljubljana

p1dtc0qe2l8a25811si4c90kb65.jpgWhen:  27. 01. 2020

Where: Ski Slopes of Krvavec

What: This event is a perfect match for those who love good food and skiing. On the white slopes of the ski resort Krvavec familiar faces of the Slovenian hospitality scene will gather and bring to you their best culinary masterpieces. The ticket includes gourmet breakfast, full-day ski ticket, tasting snack etc. Learn more and buy your ticket here.

Book. Knowledge. Reason. From Protestantism to Enlightenment 

p1dtc0okm4rop597bme1tlv6aq5.jpgWhen: until 30. 08. 2020

Where: City Museum, Ljubljana

What: This exhibition focuses on the inhabitants of Ljubljana, their activities, and way of life. It presents the history of the city and how it has been influenced by newcomers from other Slovenian and foreign lands. Learn more about the exhibition here.

Ice Skating in Bled

p1dtc0i8k813djk6g8a2q611b4d5.jpgWhen: ongoing

Where: Lake Bled

What: There are many places where you can go ice-skating around Slovenia in winter. One of them is an ice skating rink with the perfect view of Lake Bled and the island. This romantic ice skating rink is open every day in winter and the visitors can also rent the skates. The rink itself offers a wide range of activities that spice up the experience on skates for skaters of all ages. Children can catch colourful mascots, those that like salsa and modern music, can enjoy themselves in wild rhythms. Learn more here.

Treetop Walk Pohorje

p1dtc0mvp71h0c4su1m9818uk1g6e5.pngWhen: ongoing

Where: Rogla

What: This treetop walk on Rogla was open in autumn 2019 and is offering you an opportunity to experience nature from a new perspective. This attraction is perfect for a day trip to northeast Slovenia. Learn more here.



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In Ljubljana, we have already jumped into the festive December on Friday by turning on the Christmas lights all around the city. The month of December is one of the most festive months of the year when cities all around Slovenia get illuminated, you can smell mulled wine and hot cocoa on the streets and multiple cultural events take place. If you have a family check out the following list of events especially interesting for the children.

This Merry Day of Culture

This Merry Day of CultureWhen: 03. 12. 2019

Where: all around Slovenia

What: France Prešeren, one of the greatest Slovenian poets, has been born on December 3rd and for that reason, entrance to the majority of museums, galleries, theatres and cinemas are admission free. Special events will take place all around Slovenia. You can visit Lipica stud farm, UGM Museum, Škofja Loka museumTechnical museum of Slovenia in BistraNational Museum of Contemporary History, etc. For more events click here.

Winter fairytale in Bled

p1dr11kuhs1i0160o12agnne1uja5.jpgWhen: 01. 12. 2019 - 05. 01. 2020

Where: Bled

What: You should visit Bled at least once during the month of December as the lake and its surroundings will be beautifully decorated with Christmas lights. Check out the list of events here.


Festive December in Ljubljana

p1dr1e93a21ken10k91rs416on8r15.jpgWhen: 29. 11. 2019 - 05. 01. 2019

Where: Ljubljana

What: Warm yourself up with a cup of mulled wine or aromatic tea and browse the green stalls to find some gifts for your loved ones. The Christmas markets are accompanied by a programme of festive events held daily in the nearby streets and squares throughout December:


  • Christmas markets: will be held at six locations around Ljubljana.

  • Castle Festive Fair: The last month of the year is just crying out to be filled with memories that will mark the entire year. Castle flavours, melodies, events and gifts will leave the castle’s mark on December open up a future full of heartfelt and happy moments. 

  • 16th Traditional Christmas Concert: will be organized in front of the Town Hall on the Christmas Eve. 

Discover more events in Ljubljana here.

Festive December in Maribor 2019

p1dr1dkquugir4ab12dtl31tph5.jpgWhen: 29. 11. 2019 - 28. 12. 2019

Where: Maribor

What: Maribor is the second biggest city in Slovenia who will also host numerous concerts, shows and other activities for all generations. Some of the events are: 



  • Festive fair: Take a walk through the Fair’s stalls during Festive December; the stalls offer a full range of genuine, high-quality products of handicraft and art crafts and traditional cuisine.

  • Fairy city: This year, for the seventh time, a new city will be built inside Maribor’s city centre; a city made of goodwill and imagination, where everyone is welcome, and nothing is impossible! A place of joy, socializing, creativity, and imagination - A Fairy City! You are invited to a festival of shining people and moments within the city streets, courtyards and squares. From concerts and puppet shows to creative workshops and street theatre.

4. Christmas Fairytale of Slovenia

p1dr1d3q2840ahnfkj212afkqd5.jpgWhen: 29. 11. 2019 - 06. 01. 2020

Where: Mozirje

What: The fourth time Mozirski gaj opens its gate, where you will get to see the Christmas fairy tale of Slovenia with one and a half million lights and various other activities. Check out the full programme here.

Cheerful December in Kranj

p1dr1cjsu3vv61pur155p1sq31po75.jpgWhen: 03. 12. 2019 - 31. 12. 2019

Where: Kranj

What: On December 1st, the Christmas lights will be switched on in Kranj with a big celebration, inviting you to a series of magical and fragrant winter events: Christmas market, culinary delicacies, storytellers for children and a varied concert program. You will be enchanted by the tasteful decoration and festive lights, including the verses of Prešeren, a crib made of wood, a magical grove and ice sculptures! More information on the programme will be published here.

Velenje Underground

p1dr1d1jrmr93e171i11ti1umg5.jpgWhen: 05. 12. 2019 at 18:30

Where: Velenje, Štajerska region

What: Velenje underground is the ultimate culinary experience in the deepest dining in Slovenia. Step into a time machine and be a part of an underground adventure on one of the thickest layers of coal in the world. Take the oldest lift in Slovenia to the Slovenian Coal Mining Museum. The combination of the raw industrial environment, gastronomic delights and musical animation herald a remarkable event. Check this video to learn more. A number of participants is limited and the price for this event is 110 €. You can apply here.

Xmas Lights Switch-on

p1dr1c70f11mobrjuofe1p48ser5.jpgWhen: 06. - 08. 12.

Where: Portorož & Piran

What: Do not miss the magical Portorož, visit of St. Nicholas, Christmas Market and a rich entertainment programme for all tastes and ages. Many activities are also organized specifically for children. Learn more about the event programme here.

Santa Claus Marathon

p1dr1c1q1p1b3m17t21jio6reikh5.jpgWhen: 13. 12. 2019

Where: Ljubljana

What: The goal of this event is fundraising as well as encouraging running and walking in the winter. Each participant gets a Santa's hat, runs a 6 km or 12 km, or participates in the night walk with flashlights. All the proceeds from the entry fees go to the Red Nose Clown Doctors. Watch this video for more.

Ptuj Fary Tale

p1dr1bhfoelgg1ibb1pis12leic05.jpgWhen: 18. 12. 2019 - 30. 12. 2019

Where: Mestni trg square, Ptuj 

What: Decorations above the streets of the old city centre become the backdrop where magical creatures turn Mestni trg into a fairytale land every December. For two magical weeks, the city centre bubbles with a holiday fair and tons of events. There will also be a programme for children. Learn more here.

The Living Nativity Scenes in Postojna Cave

p1dr1au3jh11q01aus1ro510ir1sk95.jpgWhen: 25. 12. - 30. 12. 2019

Where: Postojna Cave

What: The most magical Christmas experience, which you will remember for years to come. Between 25th and 30th December, you can see the biblical story staged in the awe-inspiring setting of Postojna Cave and enjoy the one-of-a-kind magical atmosphere. You can purchase the tickets here.

Štefanovo 2019

p1dr1anv01et91gjb6g0n1i1n265.jpgWhen: 26. 12. 2019

Where: Šentjernej, Dolenjska area

What: Štefanovo is a traditional Slovenian horse blessing event. Learn more about the programme here.






Share this post with your friends and explore Slovenia through cultural, music and gastronomic events together. Looking for accommodation in Slovenia? Check these luxury holiday rentals in the best locations around Slovenia. 


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