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Slovenia Cycling


Slovenia is one of the smaller countries in Europe: it covers just over 20 000 sq kilometres and half of that is forest. For such a small country, it's diverse in terms of scenic beauty – you have mountain ranges such as the stunning Julian Alps, endless rolling hills, lush, deep valleys, cosmopolitan towns and cities, such as the bustling capital Ljubljana and a 50km stretch of Mediterranean coastline.


There are many different ways to enjoy Slovenia by bike:


Road Cycling


Slovenia's roads are very good for cycling and they are well kept and maintained. Away from the main highways there a number of less busy and side roads, where you can cycle safely and with less traffic.


On these roads, you can cycle through and enjoy the scenic countryside and enjoy roads which run through valleys, hills, forests and flat lands.


There are a number of tours which include cycling over flat areas, steep climbs and descents on the other side. Slovenia also has a number of asphalt roads which are built only for cyclists and of course, these are the safest roads of all. When looking for road cycling excursions or holidays, you can choose from the following:

50 protected landscape areas consisting of - a number of regional parks and one national park.
Areas around natural health resorts and thermal spas, so you can cycle around the local area and then relax after your trip. You can cycle through the countryside but also in the small towns, villages and cities where cycle paths are safe and take you past all the local areas of interest.
You can either plan your own cycling trip or take advantage of the many local cycle guides.


Free Ride Cycling


Many of Slovenia hills have single-track trails for mountain bikers so you can enjoy a challenging cycling experience. There are also a number of mountain bike parks in many locations dotted throughout Slovenia. These parks have a wide variety of obstacles including ladders, various jumps, downhill trails and bridges. Some consider Slovenia's mountain bike parks to be among the most well kept, challenging and exciting anywhere.


Many of these parks are located on the edge of ski slopes to take advantage of the steep inclines and declines. Most of the cycle park, have qualified instructors on hand to help you learn to cycle or simply improve your technique.


Mountain Bike Cycling


The hills and mountain ranges of Slovenia are great for mountain bikes and offer you a challenging or relaxing cycling experience. 


Although mountain bikes are not allowed on forest paths and mountain hiking trails, many forests have narrow trails only for cyclists. It's a good idea to hire a local guide if you want to use these 'single-track' trails. These guides are available for your safety and to ensure, there is no damage to the countryside.


One great cycle ride in Slovenia is to cycle underground. You can take a ride through the abandoned mines which are situated below Mount Peca in the Koroška area of the country. 


Cycling Tours


There are many cycling tours available lasting from several days to a week or more. They are available all over Slovenia and you can pick a tour which will give you a relaxing or challenging experience. Tours cover all the various landscapes in Slovenia and there is plenty of accommodation available from excellent hotels to inexpensive hostels and campsites.

Family Cycling


Slovenia is ideal for families with children and many people who come to Slovenia choose family cycling trips and holidays. Family cycling holidays are safe and the roads chosen are easy to cycle. The roads are flat and chosen because they have very little traffic or are roads which are intended only for cyclists. The most popular areas for family cycling holidays are located in the eastern part of the country. The countryside is flat and consists of plains, arable farms and vineyards and the roads have little or no incline, and very little traffic.



In Slovenia, the use of a cycling helmet is a legal requirement for children under the age of 14. It is not obligatory for adults but is highly recommended. 


Cycling in Slovenia - Something for Everyone to Enjoy


If you are visiting Slovenia for a cycling holiday, you can make it as relaxing or challenging as you wish, in a small beautiful country with a wide variety of landscapes to cycle through and enjoy.


There is something for everyone to enjoy and the cost, of visiting Slovenia are attractive - making it not just an enjoyable visit but one which is affordable too.

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